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----->Taking Flight and Real Life Drama News

Taking Flight Release Date Moved  - Due to production delays, the release date for Taking Flight has been changed to mid-late June 2014. We apologize for the delay, but we will be updating the Song Samples section with additional song samples and Work In Progress versions of songs. 

Recording/Mixing Updates - Final production work on Taking Flight is taking place as you read this. That includes adding extra percussion parts, numerous guitar and bass overdubs and general mixing duties. We're pulling out all of the stops on this one! Right now, 9 of the 12 songs are complete. With a big push, the target date of Mid-Late June will be reached. Thanks to everyone out there who's waited so patiently.

Register for a FREE Taking Flight Download -
The deadline for entry to win a FREE download of Taking Flight has been extended to  August 1st. So REGISTER now! If you want to be the first to get your hands on FREE download versions of the Taking Flight and Real Life Drama I releases, be sure to sign up for free e-mail updates to be included in this and other contests.

Plus, extra songs, live versions, etc. will be available in the VIP section for those who purchase either the CD or download version of these projects within 30 days of release.  

------> Future DS Project are in the works

In tandem with the final recording, production, mixing and mastering work for "Taking Flight", Dan is also putting down instrumental parts for a follow-up release. At this point it has not been decided if these songs will be released as a compilation or independently on the website. Stay tuned for more details.

------>Taking Flight and Real Life Drama will be available in CD/download versions

To help satisfy the needs for easily accessible and portable DS music, and (see below) has all CD's and some single releases available in high-quality download, so now you can easily listen anywhere, anytime.

------->DANSMUSIC.COM domain added for easy access to Dan

The domain of was recently secured to allow easier access to everything on So now, when you spread the word, it's as easy as "".

More news to come soon. Don't forget to sign-up for free e-mail updates. Will will be posting FREE mp3 downloads as part of our pre-release promotion, so sign up today!

Other Notes from the past...but still relevant.

Taking Flight Live

Most of the songs from "Taking Flight" have gotten a good workout pwhile playing live. Featuring songs from from "Taking Flight" as well as updated versions of tunes from "Life's Soundtrack". All in all, it has been a lot of fun and a good way to stretch the tunes out a bit and let them breathe.  

VIP Area now open

As part of bringing the CD sales in-house, we have also added an exclusive VIP download area to ensure all of you who support me can have access to rare, unreleased, live, remixed, and demo versions of songs. Access is free when you purchase any CD from this website as a way of saying "thanks and enjoy the music" because that's what this is all about anyway!

Discography and Download Sections added

We've also added a discography section that includes mp3 downloads of songs from each album so you can listen before you buy! We will update the download section with different tunes, so if you visit enough, you will probably be able to hear them all! The best way to know about news is to sign-up for free e-mail updates via our e-news page.

Got to go work on a mix or two...lots of music coming very soon!

Real Life Drama (True analog synths, real cymbals, pitched drums, etc.)

Real Life Drama is alive and kicking on! This project has been a lot of fun and has ended up with a bunch of electronica pieces including more than one electronica pop track (with vocals!) that I'm really excited about. This music really has rejuvenated my interested in writing again. I'm utilizing two new pieces of gear on this stuff that you all should check out if you're into creating this type of music! An E-mu XL-1 and Roland XV-3080.  The primary instrument still has been my E-mu E-Synth keyboard and my ever growing sample library. I have been able to totally max out this thing. As an example, the song  "Cornerstone" has almost all of the sounds except the cymbals and the electronic drums coming from the E-Synth. An example of the em-u XL-1 and XV-3080 can be heard on "Many More Miles". And just to prove that true analog synths are not dead, one track "Mystery Train" has 3 tracks of Juno-106 analog synth laying down the groove. Another song called "Exodus" uses the Juno for the main groove and includes some classic analog filter sweeps. Thick, fat grooves abound!  

Why not just another Dan Scherbarth release?

The reason I thought of using a band name for this music as opposed to making it a new Dan Scherbarth offering is based around two ideas. 1, Electronic music tends to sell better as a name (usually very short e.g. Chicane, Olive, etc.), and 2, I wanted to feel free to create this type of music without making the Dan Scherbarth output even more diverse than it already is. Real Life Drama music will be all electronic (Symphonic Electronica, Progressive Electronica, Trance, Ambient, etc.), have very few rock references, and be European in nature. Think Chicane, Everything But The Girl, Olive, Patrick O'Hearn, etc.  Now I can feel free of all that and fulfill all the other playing sides of me (Guitar, Bass, Drums, etc.) under Dan Scherbarth. Does that makes sense? Well, it does to me. Listen to the music and tell me what you think?

When are you going to be finished with the Real Life Drama CD?

I've got a total of 14 songs that are in various states,  but 2 songs are available for FREE download right now in the Discography section!. CD's will be available there soon-I need to finish the mixes and get them uploaded. All mixes are almost totally automated so the mixing process is shortened dramatically. At this point, it looks like 10-12 songs and maybe an ambient mix of a few of the songs as extras available only though this web site. There will also be a full bandwidth (not mp3) version of the CD for sale on when it's finished. Watch this space!

My web audio company is kicking into into high gear now. We create custom audio for web sites (Flash/DHTML/HTML/ASP, etc) and I have been creating lots of short, but cool, loops for web developers or music producers to purchase for their productions. The online store is up right now. We have some very fresh, all original loop and Sound FX libraries geared towards Flash developers. All of these libraries are also set-up for the Sonic Foundry product ACID or any compatible product and can be used for musical projects as well as web audio. These sound sets are like nothing else available and will be very affordable for Interactive Developers or musicians/producers. If that's your thing, check out  and click on the Sound Library button for more information. 

Extra Tune's from  "Life's Soundtrack"

My 1994 release of "Life's Soundtrack" has been remastered and is available on CD. Check it out here. Some of the extra tunes that were on the original "Life's Soundtrack" but not on the cd will be available soon only this site so register now.

All of these extra's have been remastered and there is an alternate mix of "Photograph" and "Current Events" as well as extra songs from the same session. Most of these have never been heard so be on the lookout for that as well! I will send out an e-mail update to let everyone know when they're released so register to be notified when they are available. 

So long and this space!